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The day after Endeavor's fight with the High-End Nomu, Shota Aizawa starts the class by reminding his students that while their hero licenses are provisional, they still have to act like heroes in an official capacity. He intends to push them harder to reflect the responsibility, as an emergency alarm blares throughout the classroom, leading to Class 1-A being given a training mission to fight hypothetical villains. The class arrives at Ground Beta where it is revealed that Nejire and Tamaki of the Big Three are posing as villains while Mirio plays a civilian in distress. The Class 1-A students each demonstrate their unique skills in taking down the two "villains" and rescuing Mirio, successfully completing the drill. However, Bakugo is angry because he thinks Tamaki went easy on him and retaliates, to Aizawa's annoyance. Meanwhile, recovering from his injuries after his battle, Endeavor thinks back to his encounter with the villain Dabi, while Hawks meets Dabi at an isolated warehouse to discuss some unknown business.

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