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My School Picnic Essay In Marathi

The Day ended with a delicious dinner of Chinese food and drinks that had filled us with happiness at its best. This was the most memorable day of my school Life! So, these were the samples of the essay. You can access more Essay Writing on this given topic and many others.

my school picnic essay in marathi

Answer: A School Picnic cannot be fixated in an answer, there are different types of school picnics. They can be of a single day or they can be of many days altogether. But the general idea behind a school picnic is to have fun with food and good company within the plan that is decided.

Currently detention is one of the most common punishments in schools in the United States, the UK, Ireland, Singapore and other countries. It requires the pupil to remain in school at a given time in the school day (such as lunch, recess or after school); or even to attend school on a non-school day, e.g. "Saturday detention" held at some schools. During detention, students normally have to sit in a classroom and do work, write lines or a punishment essay, or sit quietly.

In high school, students often are told to begin an introduction with a thesis statement and then to follow this statement with a series of sentences, each sentence presenting one of the main points or claims of the essay. While this approach probably helps students organize their essays, spreading a thesis statement over several sentences in the introduction usually is not effective. For one thing, it can lead to an essay that develops several points but does not make meaningful or clear connections among the different ideas.

If you are used to using the high school model to present the thesis of an essay, you might wonder what you should do with the rest of your introduction once you start presenting a one-sentence statement of your thesis. Well, an introduction should do two important things: (1) present the thesis statement, and (2) get readers interested in the subject of the essay.

We offer 7 benefits in one English class which no tutorial offers, spoken English, vocabulary builder, meanings, antonyms, make sentences, creative writing of essays and story writing. We teach our all kids spoken English for a few minutes every day along with the school syllabus. We have a recorded teach back session by kids sent to parents as proof of teaching. Every kid has board practice to display smartness and confidence for personality development. We analyse the learning pattern and teach at the pace of the child before the schools teaches in their learning format. We ensure systematic revision to make all kids winners in life.


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